Don’t Be Misled, Protect Your Family & Property

On May 18th, 2009 a local south Florida broadcast from Wink News was shown on air depicting that all storm and hurricane shutters are equal; however, this is not the case. Our product testing videos confirm the differences of our hurricane products, to others.

We spoke with Lauren Sweeney of Wink News, and she was not interested in the differences, success or failure. Unfortunately, this type of misleading information leads to families believing that they can only buy a “one-storm” hurricane protection system. This is simply NOT true.

Category 5® hurricane storm protection systems are used at the National Hurricane Center in Miami Florida, this should clue you in to the first choice in best-of-class storm protection systems on the market.

We would love to demonstrate the differences between our products and the competitions, any time. We have added our test videos to the Wink Video, for comparison.

Stay safe and secure with High Velocity Category 5® Hurricane and Storm Protection Systems, we are here to help.

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