Motorized Accordion Hurricane Shutters

High Velocity’s motorized accordion shutters are built to cover all types of openings.

High Velocity Category 5® Accordion Hurricane Shutters are hinged and louvered panels that are permanently mounted to window, doors, and openings and are designed to protect glass windows and areas during hurricanes, tropical depressions, and severe storms and also help to serve as a theft deterrent.

Whether you’re looking to protect windows and doors or enclose balconies and lanais, motorized accordion shutter systems provide the ideal solution. The system is extremely simple to operate with the mear push of a button and eliminates the strenuous pushing and shoving associated with the use of standard accordion shutter systems.

Category 5® Accordion Hurricane Shutter Systems are engineered with an interlocking blade system that slide along structurally fastened tracks located at the top and bottom of the opening. Custom bends can be installed to the exact arc of the space you are protecting without segmenting the track while still offering an unhindered view.

Additionally, the Category 5® Accordion Hurricane Shutter System is remarkably quiet so you can incorporate it into your daily life to maximize it’s performance and reap the benefits not typically associated with accordion shutter systems.

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