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Types of Hurricane Shutters for Storm Protection

Choosing the appropriate product to fit your budget, level of protection, and architectural goals can be overwhelming. Here is a brief explanation of the benefits to each product

Types of Hurricane Shutters for Storm Protection

Hurricane shutters are a necessity for any home in hurricane-prone areas. They are designed to offer protection from high winds and flying debris.

There are many types of hurricane shutters available today.

Rolling Shutters, Accordion Shutters, Storm Panels, Impact Windows, Bahama Awnings, Colonial Shutters and Awning Shutters are some of the most common types of hurricane shutters and severe storm protection.

Rolling Hurricane Shutters – Automatic Rolldown Shutters

What are rolling hurricane shutters? Rolling types of hurricane shutters are hinged louver panels that roll up or down, manually or automatically as an option, are stored in an enclosure from above, and are attached to the outside of nearly any span that needs protection from hurricanes or disaster mitigation from severe storms. The High Velocity line of rolling hurricane shutters provide industry leading technology, meet all Florida building codes, and are engineered to withstand the most punishing of Gulf Coast storms.

Learn more about our High Velocity Category 5 line of rolling hurricane shutters, or contact us today (239-403-2650) for more information.

Accordion Hurricane Storm Shutters

What are Accordion Hurricane shutters? Accordion types of hurricane shutters are hinged and louvered panels that are permanently mounted beside window, doors and openings and are designed to protect glass windows and areas during hurricanes, tropical depressions, and severe storms and also help to serve as a theft deterrent. Accordions are considered one of the best types of hurricane shutters. High Velocity is the Naples Florida based leader in hurricane protection and accordion hurricane storm shutters.

Learn more about our Motorized Accordion Hurricane Shutters, or contact us today (239-403-2650) for more information.

Hurricane Storm Panels

What are Hurricane Storm Panels? Category 5 Hurricane Storm Panels are steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate (clear) composite corrugated panels. When not in use, Category 5 Hurricane Storm Panels are stored away until inclement weather threatens. While being one of the most economical storm systems, they also offer a very high level of protection from storms. Category 5 hurricane storm panels can meet both your budget and storm protection needs.

Learn more about our Hurricane Storm Panels, or contact us today (239-403-2650) for more information.

Bahama Awnings

What are Bahama awnings? Category 5 Bahama awnings are a stylish way to achieve shade and protection from the sun as well as storm protection from damaging hurricanes and tropical storms.

Learn more about our Bahama Awning Systems, or contact us today (239-403-2650) for more information.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

What are colonial hurricane shutters? Colonial types of hurricane shutters can provide aesthetic quality for the enhancement of almost any home. Colonial types of hurricane shutters are permanently mounted shutters hinged on the side and fold back into an open position. The louvered panels are available in single, bi-fold or tri-fold design. Whether it's only in the front of the home or along the sides, colonial shutters can add character in a dramatic way. In the closed position this type of shutter can add security and privacy. Like the bahama shutter, this shutter must be deployed from the outside and meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Learn more about our Colonial Shutters, or contact us today (239-403-2650) for more information.

Awning Shutters

What are Awning Shutters? Awning Shutters are similar to our Category 5 Bahama shutters, but instead of a louvered shade there is an awning that provides shade and will fold down and fasten to the structure when a hurricane or severe storm threatens. While we note the awning shutters here for your information we do not believe them to be as feasible as our Category 5 Bahama shutters.

High Velocity can contact you about our Category 5 hurricane and storm awning shutters, or call our Naples Florida office at 239-403-2650 for more information.

Hurricane Glass

What is Hurricane glass? According to NOAA, Hurricane glass is “no substitute for shutters”. And although the technology is improving in all facets of disaster mitigation, we recommend the Category 5 line of hurricane products that best fit your application and budget constraints.

High Velocity can answer all of your hurricane protection questions, call us today at 239-403-2650 or we can contact you.

Plywood or Tape for Hurricane Protection

What’s wrong with using tape on your windows or plywood for hurricane protection? Save your time, money and tape for anything other than hurricane protection. Applying tape to your windows will not stop debris from puncturing the glass at hurricane speeds. And, beyond the many structural weaknesses of using plywood to protect your property from severe storm damage, the simple fact that you will damage your home by nailing plywood to home should be reason enough to seek a reliable hurricane protection product. Beyond that, plywood also does not meet most building codes.

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