High Velocity Hurricane Shutter Systems - Moraya Bay Residences Building With Hurricane Shutters in Florida

High Velocity Hurricane Shutter Systems

Industry leading structural protection to guard against and withstand the most severe weather

High Velocity Hurricane Shutter Systems

When it comes to protecting your family, most cherished belongings, and property you should settle for nothing less than the absolute best in hurricane storm protection.

The High Velocity Hurricane and Storm Protection line of products are engineered to withstand a category 5 storm with winds up to 250 mph. In our effort to create the absolute best in hurricane protection, our products have been engineered to exceed Florida’s strict guidelines, building and engineering codes.

What are the benefits of hurricane storm protection?

The benefits of hurricane storm protection are numerous. Firstly, it is important to note that hurricane storm protection will not only protect your home and family, but also the surrounding community. Secondly, when you invest in hurricane storm protection for your home and property, you are investing in a safe and secure future for yourself and loved ones.

Hurricane storms can cause a lot of damage to homes and properties. This is because they bring with them strong winds that can cause property damage as well as flooding from heavy rains which can lead to mold growth. If your home has been affected by these things then it is important that you invest in hurricane storm protection as soon as possible to prevent further damage from happening.

Investing in hurricane storm protection will not only protect your home but also the surrounding community. This is because when the wind speeds increase during a storm, it causes debris to fly around which could potentially hurt people or destroy other homes if there are any nearby.

What are the challenges of hurricane storm protection?

Hurricanes are a natural disaster that can be devastating, and known to cause flooding, property damage, and death. In order to protect ourselves from these natural disasters we need to take precautions and create new strategies for hurricane storm protection.

One of the worst challenges of hurricane storm protection is that it is expensive and time-consuming to recover from. The most common way people try to protect themselves is by building higher structures or simply moving away from the coastlines where hurricanes tend to form. However, this can be costly and it may not even prevent you from getting hit with a hurricane in the first place.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to start planning for hurricane season. One of the most economical ways to protect your property and family is with hurricane shutters. An investment in High Velocity rolling shutters or accordion shutters can help save your house, appliances and other valuables from storm damage.

Who needs a hurricane protection system?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. The truth is that not every home needs a hurricane protection system. In order to know if you need one, you need to know the following:

Where your home is located in relation to the coast?

What type of windows and doors are on you house or business currently?

Are there any trees on your property or near your property that could cause damage in a storm?

Do you you live in an area with high winds and high tides, such as Florida, Louisiana, North and South Carolina or Texas?

How can I learn more about hurricane protection systems?

Contact High Velocity, or call the High Velocity Naples Florida headquarters at
(239) 403-2650
to see if one of our services is right for you.

High Velocity services the entire Naples Florida and surrounding Dade County Florida areas. Our first class series of products includes manual operated and motorized rolling hurricane shutter systems, accordion bi-fold shutters and a host of decorative architectural implements.

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